How to Sanitize Bath Towels

Kecia Hambrick

Regular sanitation of towels can help prevent the spread of germs. This is especially true if you have used your bath towel for more than one bath or shower. Learning how to sanitize your bath towels can keep others in your household from getting sick and can keep your bathroom cleaner.


Sanitize Bath Towels
  1. Wash towels and washcloths after each use to keep them clean. They can harbor germs when used multiple times before being laundered, even when rinsed thoroughly.

  2. Sanitize white towels by washing them in hot water and a cap full of bleach.

  3. Clean colored towels by using color-safe bleach and warm water.

  4. Adding 1/2 cup baking soda to a load of colored towels washed in warm water, along with regular laundry detergent, can help sanitize by fighting germs and odor.

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