How to Make a Padded Storage Bench

Make a padded storage bench for any room in your home with these step-by-step instructions. Have the wood cut to size for you at your local lumber supply and assemble your bench with a drill and a screwdriver. Match the fabric on the padded seat to your room's décor and create a piece of furniture that looks good, is comfortable to sit on and stores toys, linens or other paraphernalia.

Upholstery fabric
  1. Stain or paint the 12 birch boards, eight wood strips and one of the 4 feet by 18 inch wood sheets. Apply your choice of finish to both sides of the birch and the plywood sheet, but only one side and two edges of the wood strips. Apply as many coats as you like, according to the instructions. Birch is also beautiful with just a coat of polyurethane for protection and shine. Let the finish dry completely.

  2. Attach one "L" bracket in the center along the edge of each side of the finished plywood sheet. This is the bottom of your storage bench and you will attach the sides, front and back to these brackets.

  3. Make the sides of your bench by placing three of the 2-foot birch boards side by side, with the best side facing down. Place one of the wood strips in the center of the birch boards, vertically, connecting the boards together. Attach the strip with wood screws, predrilling the holes for each screw. Place one screw through the strip and into each of the birch boards. Make the other side the same way.

  4. Make the front and the back of your storage bench by joining two sets of three 4-foot birch boards. Instead of one wood strip in the center, place a strip on each side, 10 inches from the outside edge of the boards. Drill pilot holes and insert the screws, one through the strip and into each of the birch boards.

  5. Join the front and the back to the sides of the storage bench with "L" brackets, two in each corner. Place one bracket 6 inches from the top and one bracket 6 inches from the bottom on both edges of the two sides that you made. Join the front to the sides, and then join the back to the sides. Attach the four-sided box to the "L" brackets you attached on the wood sheet in step two.

  6. Lay the fabric for your padded bench seat face down and place the batting on top. Apply spray adhesive to one side of the 4-foot-by-18-inch padding and press it into the center of the batting, adhesive side down. Spray adhesive on the top of the padding only and lay the remaining 4-by-18-inch wood sheet over the padding. Press down firmly. Wrap the fabric over the sides and attach it to the wood with a staple gun, all the way around the perimeter.

  7. Attach the hinges to the padded top, 6 inches from each end. Attach the hinges to the back side of your storage bench.


  • Wear gloves when handling wood.
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