How to Lay Tile in a Diamond Pattern

Laying down tiles in a square pattern is fairly straightforward, but for a little pizazz in your tile floor, here is how to lay them down in a diamond pattern. For the purpose of this article, 6-by-6 inch tiles are used as a reference. Just think, laying a diamond pattern can really enhance the look of your floor and can be an incredible asset to your home value as well as your overall decor.

  1. Measure out from the wall 10 1/2 inches. This is the diagonal measurement of your tile. Mark the first 10 1/2 inches on the floor before you continue. The line should run parallel to one wall and perpendicular to the other.

  2. Measure out that line all the way down to the next wall or your stop point. This will be the basic guide for your tiles. This measurement must be precise, as all other tiles are going to conform to this initial measurement.

  3. Lay your first tile down, with each point of the tile on that line. The other point should just be touching the wall.

  4. Spread some mastic adhesive on the back of the first tile, making sure that it is covered from end to end. Use the toothed trowel to get plenty of adhesive on the back of the tile.

  5. Press the tile into place. Place the tile down point to point on that line and using the handle of your trowel, gently tap it down.

  6. Install your first spacer. Place a corner spacer on the lower point of the tile.

  7. Install the first row of tile. Take another tile and trowel on adhesive mastic. Butt that point up to the tile spacer point, making sure that you remain exactly on the line. Continue until you have finished going down the entire pencil line.

  8. Split tiles to fill in the triangles. Draw a pencil line down the exact middle of a tile. Use another tile as a straight edge and go from point to point.

  9. Split the tiles. Using your tile cutter, cut exactly on that line. You will now have two triangular shaped pieces. These pieces will exactly fill in the spaces next to the wall. Make sure that you use tile spacers when you put them down.

  10. Fill in the tiles in the diamond patterns. You will need to use some diamonds and triangles to keep everything in line. Continue until you have filled in your entire floor area.

  11. Fill in the spaces with grout. Each time you remove a spacer, fill in the space with grout to fill in the area between the tiles.

  12. Let everything set. You will need to avoid stepping on the tiles for at least 48 hours until the grout and the adhesive have fully set. Keep the temperature warm and dry.