How to Convert a Chandelier to a Swag Lamp

Chandeliers meant to be directly wired into the ceiling are not an option for those who rent or don't want to mess with wiring. But you can still buy an attractive chandelier and convert it into a swag lamp. Swag lamps use a common household plug and a cord and there are no special wiring considerations or holes to cut in your ceiling. You also don't need to be an electrician to convert your chandelier. Swag kits available at home improvement stores include everything needed for this simple, do-it-yourself project.

  1. Strip 1 inch of the wire coating from each of the two wires that extend from your chandelier. Make sure to look for any markings or lines on the wires and that the markings are still visible after stripping. These marks will tell you which wire to attach to the cord.

  2. Connect the two wires on the chandelier to those on the cord that came in the swag kit. In general, you will attach like color to like color. Use wire clips or electrical tape to hold them together.

  3. Place the cord cover over the exposed wires, making sure no wire is visible. Feed the cord through the chain or covering that came with your kit.

  4. Attach a hook into a stud on the ceiling, where you wish to hang your lamp. Attach a second hook to the ceiling near the outlet the lamp will plug it into. Hang the lamp from the first hook and drape the excess cord over the second hook. Plug it in and turn it on using the switch on the cord.


  • Make sure to study the wiring diagram and connect the wires correctly to avoid shorting out your lamp.
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