How to Use a Swamp Cooler Effectively

People living in hot, dry climates are able to use evaporation coolers (swamp coolers) instead of air conditioning to cool inside air. Swamp coolers are often preferable to air conditioners because they are cheaper to buy and use less electricity than air conditioning.

Use a Swamp Cooler Effectively
  1. Turn the swamp cooler on with the desired fan level.

  2. Open a single window slightly at the end of the house or building farthest from the swamp cooler.

  3. Close all other windows in the house or building. This will cause a difference in air pressure that will draw the cooler air from the swamp cooler out through the single open window, cooling the spaces between.

  4. Close the curtains or blinds on all of the closed windows to prevent solar heating of the structure.

  5. Use freestanding fans to pull the cooled air into rooms that don't have good natural air circulation.

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