How to Add a Lattice Shade Cover Over a Patio

The addition of a lattice patio covering will give a nice filtered sunlight effect to your outdoor living area. It is not a difficult do-it-yourself project, and anyone with some elementary carpentry skills can complete the project in a day or two. Follow these simple steps below in order to build your own lattice shade cover.

Add a Lattice Shade Cover Over a Patio
  1. Lay out the area on the concrete patio that you want your lattice cover to shade. Mark locations for the support posts of the patio covering. These should be placed at the corners of the free-standing side of the covering and every 10 feet in between.

  2. Use an electric drill and a masonry bit to drill 1/2-inch holes in the concrete in the center of the post locations. Set a 1/2-inch expanding masonry anchor bolt into each hole. Use an expanding masonry anchor bolt and a matching nut to attach a 4x4 post anchor at each post location.

  3. Set the 4x4 posts in each of the post anchors, check for plumb and attach securely using the post anchor hardware. Temporarily brace the posts by using 2x4 lumber nailed to the post and extending to the ground at an angle.

  4. Measure and cut two beams to size from 2x8 lumber. These will serve as a double beam that will be attached on either side of the tops of the support posts and run the length of the free-standing side of the covering (see photo). Drill holes at the top of the support posts for the 4-inch long, 5/8-inch bolts that will be used to fasten these beams to the posts.

  5. Drill matching holes on the beams that will allow the beams to be attached flush with the top of the support posts. Raise the beams one at a time and fasten them on either side of the support posts with 4-inch nuts, bolts and washers.

  6. Attach joist hangers every 16 inches on center to the fascia board of the home's roof. Do this by using wood screws that penetrate all the way to the roof trusses behind the fascia board. Attach corresponding joist hangars every 16 inches on center to the inside beam attached to the support posts.

  7. Measure and cut joists from 2x6 lumber that will run from the fascia board to the beams, set them in the joist hangars, and attach with wood screws.

  8. Attach 4-x-8-foot panels of lattice on top of the joists by using wood screws. Cut lattice to size if necessary. Paint or stain the lumber and lattice to match, and your lattice porch shade covering is complete.

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