How to Make a Chain Link Gate

If you have already built a chain link fence yourself and are down to just adding a gate or two this shouldn't be too big of a deal to do yourself with some basic guidelines.

Make a Chain Link GateMake a Chain Link Gate
You can also do this if you want to remove a section of fence and want to put in a new gate in its place.

Put the gate together according to your specifications and the amount of space you have. Attach the chain links to the square frame of the gate, with the top and bottom sections properly affixed to their according sides and sides affixed to brackets you may need to cut to fit inside the framework. You may do this either by wrapping with some pliers or by soldering.

Affix the two post gate hinges to one side of the end post and tighten the bolts. (i.e. if you put these on the right side the gate will open on the left.) These should be placed an equal distance from the ground and top. Use a tape measure to get the proper distance.

Install the post hinges in the hinges, with the bottom hinge having a pin facing upward and the top hinge having a downward facing pin. This is to ensure the gate cannot easily be removed.

Install the gate fork latch on the opposite side, or in other words, the opposing gate post. This way, the gate can be opened and closed easily.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape Measure
  • Gate Post Hinges, pin
  • Gate Fork Latch
  • Bolts, sockets, wrench
  • Chain Links
  • Gate Frame
  • Brackets
  • Solder
  • Pliers


  • Most hardware stores sell gate hinges and fork latches with composite bolts and nuts, so you usually do not have to worry about buying extras.

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