How to Decorate a Patio Gazebo With Lights

Adding a touch of sparkle to your patio gazebo creates an ambiance to your backyard gatherings.

Single-String Lights

With the wide variety of lights available, choosing simple white lights, a color scheme or a theme allows homeowners to decorate gazebos for any occasion. This easy-to-use decorative accent takes little time to install for a lasting effect that can be used repeatedly throughout the summer months. Let's look at how to decorate a patio gazebo with lights. .

Locate your main power supply source and run extension cords from the outlet to the gazebo. If you're lucky enough to have an available electrical supply in the gazebo, make sure to run extension cords away from walkways to prevent tripping. Battery-operated light strings are available if an electrical supply isn't available.

Create a plan to limit the number of required extension cords and interference with pathways. If your gazebo has multiple columns, place an extension cord at each column to provide a power supply for each string running up the column. Measure the distance you want to cover to make sure you have adequate lights available.

Install hooks at the top of each column on the inside of the gazebo and at the center point of the gazebo. Choose hooks that will screw into the wood facing of the gazebo. You can either install the hooks on the inside for ambient lighting inside the gazebo or on the outside to decorate the gazebo exterior. Use pliers to twist the hooks securely.

Wind the light strings loosely around and up the column and secure the lights on the hook at the top of the column. String the remainder of the lights up to the center hook and fasten securely.

Continue winding strings on each column, hooking each successive set of lights until the gazebo is completely outlined. Plug in the lights to evaluate your decorative effort.

Decorating the Interior

Run extension cords or install batteries to supply power to your decorative light strings.

Measure the space that will be decorated with the ornamental light strings to ensure proper placement and adequate lights.

Install hooks on the inside of each column. If light strings have metal or heavy ornaments, install additional hooks at the center of each opening to provide more support for the heavier light strings.

Suspend decorative paper lantern lights or larger bulb lights around the roof baseline, securing the strings firmly on the hooks. Turn on the lights and enjoy the effect.

Things You Will Need

  • Electric outlet Extension cords Light strings (100 light sets) Small metal hooks Hammer Pliers Measuring tape