How to Pack Stemware

If you are in the process of packing for a move, you will no doubt be faced with the dilemma of how to pack your fragile stemware. How can you best pack your cherished wine glasses, champagne flutes and cocktail glasses to avoid breakage during the move? The trick with packing stemware is to plan well and pack with care. By following some basic steps, you can make sure your valuable stemware is safe and protected while it is en route to your new home.

  1. Inventory your stemware to ensure that you have ample packing materials, including boxes, tissue or packing paper and packing tape. You can use regular boxes or special "cell boxes" that have individual compartments for each glass.

  2. Stuff the inside of a piece of stemware with either tissue paper or packing paper. Place the stemware on a piece of packing paper and carefully roll the paper around it. You may want to cover the stemware with the paper at least twice. Secure the paper with a strip of packing tape.

  3. Packing box for stemware
  4. Place the piece of stemware in a box. If you are using cell boxes, make sure the stemware is on its base, not upside down. If you are using a regular box, place the stemware on top of heavier items, such as dishes, and be sure the stemware is standing straight up.

  5. Check the box as you add pieces of stemware to make certain that there are no major gaps. This will ensure that your stemware doesn't rattle around during a move. If you find gaps, fill them with extra packing paper.

  6. Packed boxes
  7. Add one last layer of tissue or packing paper before closing the box, using your packing tape to seal it. Label it as "fragile" so that it will be handled with extra care.


  • Cramming too many pieces of stemware in one box could lead to breakage. Don't pack stemware on its side; pack it upright. Make sure your "fragile" label is clearly written on all sides of the box.
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