How to Draw Construction Plans

Most people think they need to consult an architect or a building contractor to successfully draw their own construction plans.

Drawing Construction PlansDrawing Construction Plans
Fortunately, it is possible to draw out construction plans at home with a computer design program that is easily usable by even the most inexperienced and novice designer.

Set up and start the design program. The architectural design program 3D Home Architect is a design program that will help anyone design their own construction plan easily (see References). Set up the program onto your computer per the instruction in the software box and start a new plan file by clicking on the word "File," then "New" from the drop-down list.

Set up the walls. There is a wall icon located at the top of the screen that appears like a section of wall. Click on the icon and drag a wall section across the screen. Dimensions will appear along side the wall section you draw out. This is the exact measurements of the wall you are drawing. This will help you design your construction plans to be proportionate and accurate. Once the exterior walls are created, add smaller wall sections inside that will separate the space into individual rooms.

Set up windows and doors. Near the icon of the wall, you will see an icon of a door. Click on the door icon, which will pop up a new screen that will contain different door selections. Choose the door you want on your construction, and click on the wall where you want the door placed. Continue to add doors until you are satisfied with the design. For the windows, click on the icon of a window, located net to the door icon. Another window will appear with window choices. Select the window you want on your design, and click on the wall where you want it placed.

Set up electrical and plumbing. If you are going to have electricity and plumbing in your new construction, you must include electrical outlets and plumbing into your construction plans. The icon for electricity looks like an electrical outlet. After you click on it, simply click anywhere on your plan to add an outlet. The plumbing icon resembles a toilet. When you click on this icon, another window will appear containing various plumbing equipment, such as water heaters and sinks. Add a water heater and whatever types of plumbing fixtures you would like in your design.

Set up the roofing. To finish the construction plan, add a roof onto the building. Click on the icon of a roof and select the specific roof type and pitch from the pop-up window that will appear. Once you click "OK," the roof will automatically be placed onto the building.

Things You Will Need

  • 3D Home Architect Program