How to Kill Mice in a Crawl Space

The beauty of a home can become tarnished once you discover you have a rodent problem.

Mice are capable of getting into homes through any small crack or hole. Once inside your home, they can damage furniture, get into your food and leave droppings that can bring illness into your home. Many times, they will make a home in your home's crawlspace. Getting rid of them as quickly as possible is your best course of action, and doing so without an exterminator is a possibility. .

Search for what seems to be the point of entry for the mice. Seal it off with putty or wood to keep more mice from invading your home. Take note of their regular route throughout your home.

Set up traps in the crawl space. Depending on your preference, select either spring-loaded, live or glue traps. With glue traps, the mice will run across them and become stuck in place, allowing you to remove the trap and dispose of the mice. Spring-loaded traps are the old-fashioned traps that snap closed once the mouse steps on the trigger. Live traps, unlike the other two, trap the mice in such a way that does not kill them. Add dollops of peanut butter into the spring-loaded and live traps, if you use these, to lure the mice closer. For glue traps, simply place them in the mice's usual path, which would likely be close to the crawlspace opening.

Check the traps daily for any sign of mice. Once you have caught something in your traps, take the traps and dispose of the mice carcasses. If you use live traps, take the mice and release them in a field far from your house.

Take your vacuum and put on the hose attachment. Vacuum up any mouse droppings from your crawlspace to discourage their return.

Things You Will Need

  • Sealant or wood
  • Peanut butter
  • Spring-loaded, live, or glue traps
  • Vacuum


  • If you continue to see mice around your home, check other areas aside from the crawlspace for infestations. Seal any other places that they may get in. Call an exterminator if the problem becomes too much to control by yourself.

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