How to Unkink an Electric Cord

Kinks or bends in an electric cord can decrease its usable reach. Unkinking an electric cord manually will sometimes cause damage to the cord. This will either shorten the lifespan of the cord or cause it to cease working entirely. An electric cord can be safely unkinked by using the weight of the cord itself and gravity.

  1. Place the appliance the electric cord is attached to on a high shelf.

  2. Allow the cord to hang freely off the shelf. Do not try to manually straighten the cord. Just allow the electric cord to hang.

  3. Wait overnight.

  4. Check on the cord. It will have unkinked as much as is safely possible.


  • Some kinks in an electric cord might be too severe to repair in this manner. Do not attempt to straighten or unkink the cord any further. Any kink that severe will likely cause the wiring inside the cord to become damaged.