How to Remove Rubberized Rug Backing From Vinyl Tile

Rubberized rug backing prevents the rug from moving when someone walks on the rug.

This is a safety innovation that reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents in the home. However, rubberized rug backing often sticks to vinyl tile when placed on the floor while wet or still warm from the dryer. Special tools and solvents are not required to remove the rubberized backing from the vinyl tile.

Fill a bucket with hot water.

Wet the cloth in the hot water.

Place the wet cloth over the rubberized backing that has stuck to the vinyl tile. Allow to soak until the rag has cooled.

Rinse the cloth in the hot water then gently rub the backing that has stuck to the floor. It may not all come off on the first soaking.

Repeat the soaking and gentle scrubbing until none of the rubberized rug backing remains on the vinyl tile.

Things You Will Need

  • Bucket
  • Hot water
  • Thick cleaning cloth


  • Reduce the risk of rubberized rug backing adhering to vinyl tile by making sure the rug is dry and cool before placing on the vinyl tile. If the rug becomes wet, remove the rug from the floor and dry in the dryer or hang to dry before replacing the rug on the floor.


  • Always clean the lint filter in the dryer after drying a rug. The lint from rugs may be very thick and increase the risk of a fire.
  • Do not use a scraper or an abrasive cleaning product to remove rubberized rug backing from vinyl tile. They may scratch the finish on the tile.

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