How to Build a Chainsaw Saw Buck

When cutting or "bucking" logs into shorter lengths, the cutting is done on the ground.

Building a Chainsaw Sawbuck

Taking the bucked lengths and cutting them into stove size pieces is much easier if done on a sawbuck. Laying a length of log on a sawbuck cradle and cutting it makes a tough job safer and easier on your back. Building a sawbuck takes very little time and is worth the effort.

Step 1

Cut the eight foot 2x4s in half, creating four, four-foot lengths. Cut the 1x6 into four 24 inch lengths.

Step 2

Mark two of the cut 2x4 boards one foot from the top at the three foot mark. With the four-inch sides facing you, lay one on top of the other at the three foot mark forming an X, with the small part of the X up. Adjust the two pieces so that the top points are even and 10 inches apart. Where the two boards cross drill two 1/4-inch holes through both boards. Make the holes vertical, one above the other, one inch above and below the center of the cross.

Step 3

Slip a washer onto a bolt, run it through both boards, put on another washer, and then the nut. Spin the nut on until it is snug, but don't tighten it. Adjust the boards so the second hole lines up with the top and bottom boards. Run the bolt through as with the first. Tighten both nuts down tight. You may need a second wrench to hold the hex head from spinning.

Step 4

Trim the bottom of each board so that when it is standing the bottoms of the boards are flush on the ground, not perched up on the corners.

Step 5

Using the remaining two 2x4s, make the second X exactly like the first, using the same dimensions so they are perfectly matched. You now have the two sides of the sawbuck to make the cradle.

Step 6

Stand the two cradle pieces up facing each other, small X up, and the bolt nuts facing each other. Lay the right hand piece down while working with the left hand piece. Attach one end of a 1x6 piece flush to the side of the cradle, just underneath and up against the upper smaller X, by driving three dry wall screws through the 1x6 and into the two inch side of the 2x4. Stand up the cradle piece you laid down and attach the opposite end of the 1x6 flush to it.

Step 7

Go half way down each cradle leg, from the attached 1x6, and screw in a second 1x6 just as you did the upper 1x6.

Step 8

Turn the sawbuck around and attach the remaining two 1x6's just as you did on the opposite side.

Step 9

The X's are now 24 inches apart and attached by the four 1x6's, forming a cradle to lay the log in. The sawbuck is finished.

Things You Will Need

  • 2 -- eight-foot 2x4's
  • 1 -- eight-foot 1x6
  • 4 -- 1/4x4 inch hex bolts with nuts
  • 8 -- ΒΌ inch washers
  • 24 -- two inch drywall screws
  • Saw -- hand or power
  • Power drill
  • Tape measure
  • 1/4-inch box wrench

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