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How to Refinish Pecan Wood Furniture

Ruth O'Neil

Pecan trees are popular for their tasty nuts. The pecan tree is also valuable for its quality wood. Factories and furniture builders use pecan for its hardness, beauty and durability. Pecan wood is a light red-brown color that had some dark brown streaks throughout the grain. Furniture made from pecan wood is very valuable. Do not throw away pieces of pecan furniture that need a little work; instead, refinish these pieces to their original beauty and you will have a piece of furniture to last the rest of your lifetime.

  1. Remove any hardware that is on the piece of furniture. Place these in a plastic zipper bag to reattach later.

  2. Work outside in a well-ventilated area. Work in a covered area if possible to keep debris from falling into your stain and ruining the project. Cover any work surface to protect it from the stripper or the stain.

  3. Apply the stripper to the pecan wood using a natural bristle paintbrush. Allow the stripper to sit for as long as the manufacturer's directions suggest.

  4. Scrape off the stripper and the old finish using a plastic scraper. Do not use a razor blade as this will scratch and gouge the wood.

  5. Sand the entire surface of the pecan wood using 200-grit sandpaper. Wipe off all the dust and debris with a damp rag.

  6. Feel the surface of the wood. Look for imperfections or spots that are not perfectly smooth. Re-work these areas if necessary.

  7. Apply the stain using a clean rag. Wipe in one direction along the grain of the wood. Cover the pecan wood completely and evenly. Let the stain dry for twenty-four hours.

  8. Check the surface of the pecan wood over to make sure the stain is even. Apply a second coat of stain if desired. Allow the stain to dry for 72 hours.

  9. Reattach any hardware.