How to Keep Mice Out Of A Crawl Space

If you live in a moderately wooded area, chances are that you have had a mouse problem at one time or another. A frequent area where mice may exist is in the crawl space underneath your house. A crawl space is an attractive area for mice to stay--it is dark and it is an area humans do not visit very often. The problem with mice in the crawl space is that the crawl space is usually a gateway to your house--especially for something that can fit in the tiniest of cracks. Have no fear, though--just a few precautionary measures can keep your crawl space rodent-free.

Electronic devices backed up with traps

  1. Plug in a timer and light in your crawl space that can be turned on at frequent intervals. Mice do not like to be in lighted areas--one of the reasons why mice seem to always be in your house at night but never during the day.

  2. Plug in an ultrasonic pest repeller in the crawl space. This will emit ultrasonic waves throughout the crawl space that are known to keep mice away.

  3. Plug the extension cord into an outside outlet and circle your house with the cord. At the end of the cord, plug in an electromagnetic pest repeller. This will emit electromagnetic waves that is known to irritate a mouse's nervous system. The waves will travel through the wiring in the extension cord, which will now act as a barrier for the house.

  4. Place various mouse traps in the crawl space to catch any mice that may somehow get into your crawl space, because electronic devices are not 100% effective.


  • With the increased usage of electronic devices, surge protectors should be used in the house.
  • Both ultrasonic and electromagnetic devices may irritate small household pets like mice and hamsters.