How to Hang Maps on a Wall

A map is a great tool for teaching, as well as a convenient reference source for geographical queries. Maps come in many different sizes, weights and materials. Less expensive maps usually are made from lightweight paper that easily can be pinned to the wall. More expensive maps typically are made from heavy plastic material, vellum or thick parchment. Heavier maps require a little more effort to hang on your wall.

Lightweight Maps

Step 1

Decide where you want to hang the map--a large area in an office or den is a good spot for a large map. 

Step 2

Unroll the map and place heavy objects on the corners for an hour. 

Step 3

Hold the map flat against the wall.  Have someone help you ensure the map is straight and level.

Step 4

Place pins or thumbtacks in the corners of the map and pin them flush against the wall.  Start with the top corners first. Flatten the map by swiping your hand down the face of it.  Push the bottom pins into the corners.

Heavy Maps

Step 1

Cut the adhesive Velcro stripping into four strips.  Each strip should be 3 inches long.

Step 2

Hold the map on the wall and mark the corners with a pencil.  Apply the fuzzy side of the adhesive Velcro strip to the places you marked on the wall. Peel off the back of the adhesive coverings and stick them in the marked areas. 

Step 3

Apply the loop-latch sides of the Velcro strips to the back of the map in 3-inch strips.  Ensure the Velcro on the map lines up with the Velcro on the wall.

Step 4

Press the map against the wall.  Starting with one top corner and smooth the map with your hand across the wall until the other corner is attached to the Velcro. Repeat this step for the bottom of the map. 

Things You Will Need

  • Thumbtacks or pins (for lightweight maps)
  • Velcro adhesive stripping (for heavy maps)
  • Pencil


  • You can attach Velcro to the entire border of the map for a more secure fit.
  • Make sure the Velcro placement is accurate because the adhesive is not easy to remove.

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