How to Remove a Halogen Kitchen Light Bulb

Halogen light bulbs cost about four times as much as a standard incandescent bulb. However, halogen light bulbs also burn more efficiently, so you can reduce your energy bills. Halogen lighting produces a clean, bright light that easily illuminates a room. Like any other light bulb, halogen light bulbs eventually burn out and you need to replace them. Remove a halogen kitchen light bulb with care, especially if it still works.

Step 1

Reach up into the light canister. Unlike standard incandescent bulbs, halogen kitchen light bulbs frequently sit inside a canister, so the bulb itself isn’t exposed below the ceiling. You can, however, access the bulb when you reach into the canister.

Step 2

Grab the halogen kitchen light bulb with a paper towel between your skin and the bulb. If you plan to use the bulb somewhere else, the oils on your fingertips can potentially ruin the halogen kitchen light bulb.

Step 3

Turn your halogen kitchen light bulb to the left until it unscrews from the canister.

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