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What are the Advantages of a Candle Warmer

Edmund Mills

Candle warmers are electrical appliances used to burn scented candles. The purpose is to melt the wax using a heated platform as opposed to using a naked flame and a wick, as is typically done. There are safety reasons as well as practical advantages why candle warmers may be a preferable form of candle burning.

No Soot

Both ordinary and wickless scented candles may be used with a candle warmer.

Smoke emitted from a burning flame causes fumes and will leave black marks on nearby walls or furniture. The absence of a flame means no such undesirable by-products will occur. Smoke also releases harmful chemicals into the air, which inevitably affects people and pets. A candle warmer is a far healthier alternative to flame-lit candles.

No Flame

Burning ordinary candles is hazardous due to the risk of fire. The electrical method of heating a candle reduces this risk massively and means that the user does not have to check or worry about fire safety in the same way as with a flame-lit candle. The only possible risk of fire comes from the electrical element of the appliance, or if a flammable material comes into contact with the heated plate.

More Efficient

Flame-lit candles do not burn the entire candle, as the wick burns out before the wax is used up. A candle warmer will melt all the wax and will also last longer, as the lower heat will break down the wax at a slower rate.

No Lighting Issues

Problems may occur when trying to light a candle. If a candle is situated in a small jar, gaining access in order to light it is hard. At other times the wick may have burned down, making it fiddly and difficult to connect with the flame in order to light. Candle warmers start melting the stick at the press of a button.

Better Scent

An absence of a flame means the scent is unmasked by smoke. Many candle warmer products have built-in fans, which blows the scent more evenly around the room, providing a better distribution.