How to Clean a Scentsy Out

Kaye Wagner

Scentsy Inc. manufactures warmers for scented wax and liquids. When you light the warmer, the heat will help spread the scent of the wax or liquid around the room. You will need to clean the warmer after using it and before putting in a new scent.

Be careful when cleaning it so you don’t burn your skin or damage the Scentsy warmer.

  1. Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands from warm wax.

  2. Pour the warm wax that's in the Scentsy warmer back into its original container. You can reuse the wax.

  3. Wipe the Scentsy warmer with paper towels until it is free of wax.

  4. Mix a few drops liquid dish soap with 1 cup water.

  5. Dip a sponge into the soapy water and rub it over the warmer until you remove all of the wax and oil residue.

  6. Rinse the warmer with clear water and dry it with a clean cloth.