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How to Clean Melted Scentsy Wax From Carpet

Tracy Morris

Scentsy is a brand of home products that markets flame-less, wick-less candles. The product is composed of a ceramic wax warmer and scented wax bars. The scented wax can be interchanged by pouring melted wax of one scent from the warmer into a plastic packaging tray and replacing it with wax of another scent.

Scentsy candles are an alternative to candles with wicks.

Occasionally the hot wax spills when poured from the warmer. Cleaning Scentsy wax from surfaces such as a carpet can prove challenging, but there are cleaning methods that can make the process simple.

  1. Pick as much of the hardened wax from the fibers of your carpet as possible. Use a plastic knife to break up the wax.

  2. Cover the remaining wax stain with three to four layers of paper towels.

  3. Set the iron on its lowest setting. Scentsy wax has a very low melting temperature.

  4. Press the iron over the paper towels and move it in a circular motion. Keep the iron in constant motion to avoid burning the towels or the carpet fibers.

  5. Remove the towels as the liquefied wax begins to saturate them, and replace them with new towels. Continue to iron up the stain until the wax is removed from the carpet fibers.

  6. Lift the paper towels to check beneath them. The Scentsy wax should be completely evaporated from the rug.

  7. Pour rubbing alcohol on the stain if the wax was colored. Blot the rubbing alcohol and the carpet to remove the color that remains in the carpet. Once the dyes are removed, the alcohol will evaporate.

  8. Tip

    If you are concerned about burning the carpet fibers or towels, set the iron on its highest setting and allow it to hover one inch from the surface of the paper towels instead of touching them directly. Alternatively, use a hair dryer set on a low heat setting to heat and lift the wax instead of an iron.