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How to Repair Rosewood Furniture

Rosewood is an ideal material used in a variety of household furniture and musical instruments for its strength, beauty and attractive appearance when polished and finished. Rosewood is also known to retain a sweet smell reminiscent of a rose flower that may last for many years; hence, its name. As with all quality wooden furniture, prevention is key to retain the beauty of your rosewood furniture and any spills or stains should be cleaned immediately to further prevent permanent damage.

Quick action is the key to repairing rosewood furniture.
  1. Place an ice cube over gum or wax for a minute to cool and harden the substance. Remove as much of the stain with your fingers as possible and wipe off any excess water as soon as possible to prevent water stains. Remove any excess wax or gum with a thin, dull object to prevent scratches. Apply cream wax on the spot with a soft cloth and repeat if necessary.

  2. Repair and hide light scratches with paste wax made for rosewood furniture. Apply wax with a soft terry cloth towel and check the manufacturer's specific warnings and instructions.

  3. Apply paste wax on areas of the rosewood furniture that contain hazy, grayish and white rings. These rings occur because of water and moisture. Rub the spot with a fine steel-wool pad. Rub the spot with camphorated oil, using a cloth, and wipe immediately with a separate clean cloth. Dip a piece of cheesecloth in warm water with a few drops of ammonia, wring tightly and rub lightly over affected area. Put a clean and thick blotter over the spot and repeatedly press with a warm iron until the spot is clear.

  4. Wipe any spills from perfume overspray or spilled alcoholic drinks, using a moist cloth and paste wax if necessary. If the stain is older, apply a few drops of household ammonia to a moist cloth and rub lightly over the spot. Apply wax immediately after.

  5. Dip a cotton swab in paint cleaner and mildly scrape the affected area to remove excess burn marks. Fill the area with one or two drops of clear nail polish and let dry. Apply a few more drops until the area is level and let the nail polish completely dry before applying a new coat.