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How to Clean a Lava Lamp

Lynn Lauren

Lava lamps were the symbol of the 1970s and now, with retro decorating on the rise, they are making a comeback in homes across America. While they add a bit of funky flair to any room, they do require some basic maintenance and cleaning just like any other household item.

  1. Dust your lava lamp weekly while dusting other articles in your home. Make sure to dust it while it is cool.

  2. Wet a clean cloth with warm water and wipe down the unplugged lava lamp once a month. This should also be done after the lava lamp has time to cool down. Wipe dry with a clean cloth and make sure the lamp is completely dry before plugging it back into the outlet.

  3. Add a mild liquid soap to warm water to remove any caked on stains on your lava lamp. Once again, make sure the lamp not only is cool but unplugged during this process, then wipe dry and allow the lamp to dry fully before plugging it back into the outlet.