How to Acclimate Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile, like wood flooring, expands and contracts when it is first placed in a room or area due to the room's or area's moisture level and other environmental elements. Also like wood flooring, vinyl tile must adapt to the environment in which it is to be installed. This process is called acclimation. Failure to properly acclimate the vinyl tile you purchased for your flooring project can lead to the tiles expanding after installation and gaps forming between the tiles.

  1. Clear a 4-foot section of space in the room or area where the vinyl tile will be installed.

  2. Use a box cutter to cut open the cartons of vinyl tile.

  3. Stack the vinyl tile in stacks of 15 tiles each into the 4-foot section.

  4. Set the room's or area's thermostat to 65 degrees F or higher. Make sure the floor and subfloor in the room or area is at least 65 degrees F also.

  5. Let the vinyl tiles acclimate for 48 hours.

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