How to Get Rid of Steam in the Bathroom

A steam-filled bathroom can lead to excessive moisture buildup, which will eventually encourage mold growth and other health hazards.

Preventing Bathroom Steam

For this reason it's important to properly ventilate your bathroom after you've taken a shower or had a hot bath. By providing fresh air circulation you will take some of the moisture away, dry the bathroom out quickly, and thus avoid any hazardous mold growth or other problems. .

Step 1

Open a window. The easiest way to ventilate a bathroom is to crack a window wide open. This will allow the air to circulate easily and will whisk the steam away. This isn't always possible though, because air that's too cold can make your shower uncomfortable in the winter.

Step 2

Open the bathroom door. While it's always nice to have your privacy in the shower, excessive steam can be abated by leaving the bathroom door open. In combination with a window, this is an excellent way to ventilate a bathroom.

Step 3

Turn on your bathroom ventilation system. Many new homes have built-in fan systems that will take care of the steam moisture for you. Just flip the ventilation fan switch on and you should be good to go. If you don't have a fan installed in your bathroom, consider hiring a contractor to install one.