How to Calculate Metal Roofing Cost

Metal is a commonly used roofing material that is available in several different styles.

Metal roofing is also durable, cost effective and generally offers shorter installation times than other roofing types. The cost estimation of metal roofing requires only simple tools and math.

Find the square foot area of a roof face (any roof surface) by multiplying its length (side to side) by its height (eave to ridge); measure these dimensions using a tape measure. When finding the area of a hip type roof (a roof with triangular ends), multiply a triangular end height by its width; this will result in the combined area of both ends.

Repeat Step 1 on all remaining roof faces and add to find the total roof area (in square feet).

Divide the total roof area found in Step 2 by the coverage (square footage) of the metal roofing to find the total number of roofing panels needed.

Example: A 500 square foot roof divided by a metal roof panel with a coverage of 20 square feet (2 by 10-foot metal panel) results in 25 metal panels.

Call a local roofing supply center and ask the current cost (per panel) of the metal roofing you will be using.

Multiply the cost per panel found in Step 4 by the total number of panels found in Step 3 to find the total cost of metal roofing.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Calculator


  • Consult with a metal roofing specialist for fastening and underlayment requirements, and adjust total cost accordingly.

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