How to Connect Electric Fence Charger

The electric fence charger is the key element of all electric fences. There are a variety of types of fence charges that will keep an electric current in your fence line. There are solar panel electric fence chargers, direct 110 volt plug-in electric fence chargers and 12 volt battery electric fence charger. They are all hooked up in essentially the same way. When connected correctly they all can be used to contain animals or keep them out.

Fence Charger

Step 1

Hang the fence changer on a fence post, wall stud or a wall that allows the contacts to be easily accessible. 

Step 2

Drive a grounding rod into the ground next to the fence charger.  For maximum electrical conductivity, drive in at least three grounding rods within 10-feet of each other along the fence line.

Step 3

Attach a grounding wire to the grounding rods.  Use a hex-nut clamp and an adjustable wrench.

Step 4

Attach the grounding wire to the black contact on the charger.  Most chargers with have a wing-nut that can be hand tightened.

Step 5

Attach the fence wire to the red contact on the charger. 

Step 6

Plug in standard 110 volt plug-in electric fence charger to activate or connect up a battery on 12 volt models.  Solar powered types will need to be mounted in full sun to charge the battery and activate the fence.

Things You Will Need

  • Fence charger
  • Grounding rod
  • Wire
  • Hex-nut clamp
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Hammer


  • Check the electric fence charger every day as animal may mess something up on the charger or knock a wire off the post and the fence will be grounded. Make sure the electric meter on the fence charger is to the green section for full electric shock.

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