How to Create a Fence With Chicken Wire for Climbing Vines

Elizabeth McNelis

Although its extensive use in chicken coops and runs gave this lightweight wire its easily recognized name, chicken wire isn’t just for chickens anymore. Chicken wire or poultry netting with its interesting hexagonal pattern creates an inexpensive fence or trellis for growing vines. Save space in the garden or greenhouse by training cucumber plants up a chicken wire fence. Protect your vegetable garden from critters with a chicken wire fence and weave jasmine vines through the fence for a fragrant decorative touch.

A chicken wire fence provides climbing space for lightweight vines.

Step 1

Measure the length of the line on which you'll be erecting the fence. This is the amount of chicken wire fencing you will need. Divide this measurement by 5. This is the number of chicken wire fence stakes you need. Choose stakes that are 1 foot longer than the height of the fencing.

Step 2

Place a wooden stake at the beginning of the fence line and at the end of the fence line. Attach the end of a string to the top of the first stake with a couple of staples. Attach the string to the top of the second stake with a couple of staples, pulling the string taut. This guide line will help keep your fence straight as you build it.

Step 3

Drive one chicken wire fence stake a foot into the ground with the hammer. The height of the stake out of the ground must match the height of the chicken wire fencing. Place one stake every 5 feet along the fence line, hammering each stake one foot into the ground. Line the stakes up against the guide line to keep your fence line straight. Be careful to face the metal hooks on all of the stakes in the same direction. Remove the guide line.

Step 4

Pry open the hooks on the stakes using a screwdriver. Beginning at the first stake, hang the edge of the chicken wire fencing on the hooks. You can crimp the hooks closed with pliers for more security, if you prefer.

Step 5

Unroll the chicken wire fencing, carefully, hanging the fencing on the hooks of the next stake in the line. Continue unrolling and hanging the fencing until you reach the last stake. Cut off excess fencing with wire cutters.

Step 6

Attach the fencing to the bottom of the stakes more securely with plastic zip ties. Use one tie per stake.

Step 7

Plant vines along the base of the fence.