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How to Build With Cattle Panels

Mary Lougee

Cattle panel is a one-piece steel panel welded at each cross member to create an almost-indestructible fencing material. The panels are 34 inches tall and 16 feet long and easy to work with. Cattle panel is rigid and does not require stretching in any way or the use of more than two tools to erect a fence or enclosure for large animals. Its strength, durability, fast installation and long-lasting qualities lend themselves to other DIY projects like straight and arched trellises and greenhouses.

Step 1

Measure 16-foot intervals around the pen or fence line you are building. Set a T-post on the ground every 16 feet to mark pole placement.

Step 2

Drive T-posts into the ground with a post driver until the bottom T is underground. Use three T-posts per each 16-foot length of cattle panel so that one post is at each end and the third post is in the middle of the cattle panel.

Step 3

Lean a cattle panel up against the three T-posts to hold it. Straighten the cattle panel so that is it flush with the pole. Attach a wire clip around the T-post and top horizontal square of the cattle panel with fencing pliers. Twist tightly on each side of the post to hold it securely.

Step 4

Attach fence clips at the top, bottom and at least three middle horizontal squares of the cattle panel onto each T-post. Additional attachments will provide more strength and durability so that the panel does not separate from the post.

Step 5

Secure corners of two sections of cattle panel by attaching a fence clip around the corner T-post and each section of panel that meets in that corner. Attach a fence clip in this manner on every horizontal square from top to bottom.