How to Hang Curtains from the Ceiling to the Floor

Although many curtains are designed to cover the length and width of a window, sometimes curtains extend all the way from a ceiling to a floor. Partitioning off a room is an example of when this length of curtain is desired. It also can add a dramatic effect. After measuring your curtains, you hang them much like you would any curtain. The only difference is you attach the brackets that hold the curtain to a ceiling, as opposed to a wall.

Step 1

Measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor.  Check to make sure the curtains are long enough to reach the required distance. Make any alternations that are necessary to the curtains.  Add a panel to the bottom of the curtains if they are not already long enough to touch the floor.

Step 2

Climb up a step stool (or small ladder) and draw marks on the ceiling with a pencil to show where you will place the curtain brackets. 

Step 3

Drill the curtain bracket supports into the ceiling where you made the pencil marks. 

Step 4

Attach the two curtain brackets to their supports. 

Step 5

Slide a curtain rod through the two curtain brackets.  Special brackets are available with completed rings, so rods won't slip out. Attach clip rings onto the curtain rods.  Attach the curtain to the clip rings.

Step 6

Decide which side of the curtain you want to be visible.  If you want both sides to be seen, place two curtains together. Place the sides of the curtains you want to be seen facing outwards. 

Step 7

Hang your curtains from the clip rings.  The distance between the rings will depend on the weight of your curtains. Place the rings closer together for heavier curtains. 

Step 8

Spread your curtains along the rod until they are smooth and centered. 

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