How to Refill Small Propane Bottles From Propane Tanks

Propane is a three-carbon alkane, usually a gas, yet compressible to a portable liquid. It is derived from other petroleum products during processing and generally utilized as a fuel for engines, barbecues, stoves and residential central heating. When the gas runs out of those propane bottles, it is time to refill them from propane tanks. While not a difficult process, it's best to take your time and double-check your work once the project is complete.

Step 1

Put on the safety goggles and work gloves. Turn the propane cylinder upside down. Fasten the refill adapter to the OPD valve on the cylinder. Turn the adapter counter-clockwise. This will tighten the adaper.

Step 2

Twist the empty disposable bottle of propane onto the refill adapter. Firmly grip the adapter. Tighten the bottle. The valve on the large supply cylinder should now be opened. Make sure to reduce the pressure in the green cylinder. The liquid propane will now be allowed to enter. You must use the needle-nose pliers to twist the pin of the relief valve located on the green cylinder.

Step 3

Shut the valve from the supply tank. Do this when the propane cylinder is full. Now remove the adapter’s green can. Place it on a postal scale and weight it. The empty weight of the green propane cylinder is 30 ounces. Take out a bit of the propane if the tank is over this weight. Remove the pin on the relief valve. This will release the propane gas.

Step 4

Confirm that the refilled cylinder isn’t leaking propane gas. Check the relief valve. Use the pliers to lift the pin. Now allow it to set itself back into place. This will properly seat the valve.

Step 5

Confirm that the leak has stopped by placing soapy water on the primary valve as well as the relief valve. Look for bubbles. If bubbles appear, reseat the valve once again.