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How to Cut Starboard

Larry Simmons

King Starboard is a plastic building sheet material manufactured by King Plastics. Starboard, which is rot-resistant and won’t discolor like teak or delaminate in wet conditions. It is made specifically for marine use. With this in mind, you can use Starboard for a variety of after-market improvements to your boat. The material can be worked with standard woodworking tools, making it a versatile material for project use. Cutting Starboard is standardized as well, requiring the same methods as those used in cutting wood.

Step 1

Use a jigsaw to create curved or complex cuts in Starboard. Place the Starboard onto a flat surface with the edge to be cut overhanging the surface edge. Secure the board in place using clamps to keep the board from moving while cutting.

Step 2

Mark where you need to cut on the Starboard, using a water-based marker. Pencils will create a permanent mark on the Starboard, while water-based marks can be removed using a household cleaner.

Step 3

Place a blade containing at least 10 teeth per inch into a jigsaw. Cut the Starboard along the marked line.

Step 4

For straight cuts, use a circular saw set for a speed of 1,275 RPM and with a blade containing at least 50 teeth. Place the Starboard onto four support structures, two on each side of the cut.

Step 5

Mark the line to be cut, and then align the saw blade along the line with the blade teeth offset towards the end of the cut. Place the blade, so the scrap side of the line is to the right. Slowly move the saw along the Starboard, cutting the board at a steady rate. Cutting with a circular saw will give you a cutting rate of between 12 to 16 feet per minute.

Step 6

Finish the sides of the cut using a router to smooth the sharp edges created from cutting the material. Use a sanding block mounted with 100- to 200-grit paper to remove rough edges if a router is unavailable.