How to Polish Stone Tile

Stone tile, whether it is travertine, granite or marble, can add elegance and grace to your home. However, natural stone tiles can loose their luster and become dull over time. If you have noticed some of the sparkle has faded from your tiles, you can polish them to help bring back some of that new-tile sheen. The polishing process is very easy, and should not take more than an hour.

Step 1

Sweep and mop the floor so there are no smudges or stains on the tile.

Step 2

Apply a thin layer of polish to the floor. You can use an industrial-strength commercial polish or you can use a 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water for a non-toxic (but less powerful) polish. Use a spray bottle to apply a very small amount to the tiles. You want them to be damp, but not wet.

Step 3

Use a sponge mop to evenly distribute the polish on the floor. Take care to mop towards an empty room so you don't tread on the polish.

Step 4

Wait 10 minutes and then rinse the polish. Spray water on the tile and then use the mop to clean it. Pick up excess moisture with a rag.