How to Install an Amerimax Gutter Cover

The Amerimax gutter cover system is comprised of long, thin sheets of durable PVC which sit on top of a building's gutters preventing leaves and debris from getting clogged in them. The Amerimax gutter covers are manufactured in easy to handle 4-foot sections that will fit 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch wide gutters. Installing the Amerimax gutter components is extremely easy since they simply snap into place over the existing gutters and require no additional tools.

Step 1

Place a ladder underneath the gutter of the building and climb up on it to access the gutter.

Step 2

Clean any debris, such as leaves or pine straw, out of the gutter. You can simply sweep it out with your gloved hand if the debris is loose, or use a gutter cleaning tool to remove wet debris.

Step 3

Position the ladder at one corner of the building and climb it to access the gutter. Place the first piece of Amerimax gutter cover on top of the gutter and slide the flat edge about 1 inch under the shingles on the roof. You may need to lift up on the shingles slightly to achieve this.

Step 4

Push in on the front section of the Amerimax gutter and insert the front lip under the front edge of the gutter. Continue installing the 4-foot long sections until reaching the end of the building.

Step 5

To install the Amerimax system at the corner of two gutters, cut the adjoining edges into a miter cut using a saw. This means that each gutter cover edge is cut at a diagonal angle so that they fit against each other tightly.

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