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How to Insulate a Patio Pan Roof

Aryeh Raphael

Insulation is a useful addition to a roof. It can keep sound, noise, water, heat, cold and other elements out. Roof insulation can be placed in sloping and flat roofs. Insulation materials vary by composition, form and function. They are measured in R-values which is a measurement of thermal resistance. You will need to choose the appropriate material for insulating your patio pan roof.

Insulate a patio pan roof.
  1. Choose a roof insulation material. The material needs to be an R-value that is between 4.5 and 6. As the R-value goes up, the thermal resistance of the insulation gets better.

  2. Count how many sections of rafters there are to be insulated. Divide your insulation material into sections to fit in your patio pan roof.

  3. Wedge insulation between the first rafters. Make sure there is still room for air flow.

  4. Secure the insulation with nails. Alternatively, if the material you chose to insulate with is not held down with nails, seal it into place with an epoxy. Install the rest of the insulation in the same manner.

  5. Cover the insulation with wooden boards. Nail the boards into place with a hammer along the rafters.