How to Clean Suede With Home Products

Suede coats, jackets, bags, hats, boots and even sandals line the racks of many upscale boutiques and clothing shops. Designers craft suede products from a soft leather with a napped surface. Fake suede consists of materials with a napped or brushed finish and resist stains more easily than real suede. Cleaning real suede demands extreme care because purchasing suede products can involve considerable expense. Finding good cleaning products for suede items can mean looking no further than the home kitchen or bathroom closet.

Clean suede with home products for an inexpensive maintenance solution.
  1. Remove shine, marks and some dry stains from suede with a pencil eraser. Brush the suede upward with a bath towel and rub the stain with a rubber pencil eraser. Brush the suede back down with the bath towel after completing the job.

  2. Blot out wet stains on suede with an absorbent kitchen cloth or paper toweling immediately after the suede becomes wet. Allow the suede item to dry and then brush the suede up with a bath towel. To clean an old wet stain on a suede item, wet the item by spraying water on it with a spray bottle and then sponge off the moisture. For suede shoes, keep crumpled newspaper in the shoes so they maintain their shape.

  3. Rub a stain on a suede item with a bit of white vinegar on a cloth or rag. Rub a fresh deep stain (blood, oil, ink or food) with sandpaper.

  4. Apply baking soda mixed with water on a stain that has an unpleasant smell. The baking soda absorbs the odor. Wipe off the baking soda when the smell dissipates.

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