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How to Change the Color of Stained Concrete

Tyson Simmons

If you have a new driveway or concrete pad but hate the color, consider recoloring the concrete. You can do it without tearing it out and repouring. Here are a few simple way to remove coloring from concrete and restain it to your liking.

Various Colors of Stained Concrete
  1. Clean the concrete surface thoroughly before beginning. An easy way to do this is to use a power washer with heavy-grade pad wash.

  2. Allow the concrete to completely dry before continuing. Use a large fan if needed to speed up the drying process.

  3. Attempt to remove some of the stain by coating the concrete with paint thinner. Then, using an old mop, wipe up as much of the liquid as possible. This process may not affect the stain greatly, but it should at least make some difference.

  4. After the concrete has once again dried, apply a cement primer to the whole surface. This should bring the concrete closely back to its original color. It may look darker or lighter when first applied, but it will become more closely matched upon drying.

  5. Once the concrete has again dried, you may now color it to your liking. Use a high quality concrete stain to get the hue and shade you want. Try to keep the stain spread evenly over the entire surface.

  6. After the stain has set in, apply a coat of concrete sealant to the surface. This will keep the stain from becoming faded and weathered.


Don't be afraid to go heavy on the primer. It will provide a cleaner stain.


Always be careful when working around toxic chemicals.