How to Attach a Cornice to a Wall

Cornice boards of all shapes and sizes are made to accent windows and even bath tubs. Designed properly, a cornice can re-create the look of an entire space. But more importantly, the cornice must be attached to the wall correctly in order hang properly and for safety. With the help of an assistant you can quickly and easily attach your cornice to the wall in your great room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom.

Attach a Cornice to a Wall
  1. Mark the location on the wall to attach the L-brackets. Use the length of your cornice as a guide. For heavier cornices, use two L-brackets vertically aligned, spaced 3 to 5 inches apart depending on the width of the cornice.

  2. Drill the L-brackets to the wall. Drill a guide hole then attach the L-bracket to the wall with the drywall screws provided in the package. If no stud is available behind the wall, drill a guide hole and attach the L-bracket with drywall anchors followed by the drywall screws.

  3. Hang the cornice. Aided by an assistant, hold the cornice up to the wall. The L-brackets should be on the inside of the cornice.

  4. Attach the cornice to the L-brackets. While your assistant holds the cornice, use the remaining screws in the package to attach the cornice. Be sure the cornice is flush against the wall and is tightly fastened.

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