DIY: Gluing Down Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a widely used material, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms of many homes.

Gluing down ceramic tile requires latex mortar.Gluing down ceramic tile requires latex mortar.
Tiles generally are easy to clean and their placement provides a waterproof barrier. If you want to glue down a ceramic tile, you can do so with a latex mortar. It is quick-setting and works well for this application.

Clear the area on which you wish to glue down a ceramic tile with a wire brush and putty knife. Chip away any pre-existing mortar or glue with the putty knife and sweep away the debris with the wire brush.

Mix 2 cups of the tile mortar with 1/3 cup of water in a small plastic bucket. Integrate the mixture until the consistency is smooth. This amount will be enough for one, 8-inch tile. Mix more for extra tiles if needed.

Allow the mortar to stand for 10 minutes.

Scoop the mortar into place with a pointed trowel.

Spread the mortar so that it is 1/4 inch thick in all places. Rake the mortar with a 1/4 inch notched trowel.

Firmly press the tile into place.

Place a wood block on top of the tile and gently hammer the block with the rubber end of a hammer to set the tile.

Things You Will Need

  • Putty knife
  • Wire brush
  • Water
  • Latex-fortified thinset mortar
  • Plastic bucket
  • Pointed trowel
  • 1/4 inch notched trowel
  • Wood block
  • Hammer