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How to Dispose of Tile Mortar

Thinset mortar is frequently used as an adhesive to set tiles in place. After you have completed a tiling project, however, you can not simply dispose of the leftover mortar by throwing it down the drain. Doing so can lead to clogged pipes and have harmful effects on the plumbing, not to mention the environment. Thankfully for those unfamiliar with the process, you can dispose of mortar quickly and safely with items you may have around the home.

Dispose of tile mortar properly to avoid headches in the future.
  1. Transfer the unused tile mortar into a plastic bucket and allow it to dry overnight.

  2. Place several sheets of newspaper onto a flat surface and turn the bucket upside down over the sheets.

  3. Gently hammer the bottom and outside edges of the bucket to dislodge the dried thinset mortar from inside.

  4. Wrap up the dried pieces of mortar in the newspaper and transfer it to a plastic garbage bag.

  5. Secure the top of the garbage bag and dispose of it in the trash.