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How to Remove Rust From Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are used for flooring and countertops, and come in a variety of colors. Slate tiles are similar to marble and granite tiles. They are natural stones that stain very easily because they are porous. Rust, dirt, and grime can be absorbed by the stones, so the tiles need to be cleaned regularly. Removing rust from slate tiles is an easy process, but if left untreated, the rust spreads, causing damage to the tiles.

Natural slate
  1. Pour distilled water on the rusted areas to fill in the pores of the slate tile.

  2. Create a poultice of diatomaceous earth and rust remover in a bowl. Add enough of the ingredients to make a thick paste. Hardware stores sell both products.

  3. Apply the poultice to the tile with a plastic scraper. Make the paste 1/4 to 1 inch thick.

  4. Place a small sheet of plastic food wrap over the poultice. Tape down the edges of the plastic wrap.

  5. Let it sit 24 to 48 hours. As the poultice dries, it absorbs the rust stain.

  6. Remove the plastic wrap and scrape off the poultice with the plastic scraper.

  7. Rinse the slate tile with a sponge filled with distilled water.

  8. Dry the slate tiles completely with a clean cloth.