How to Plant Queen Palm Trees in Containers

The queen palm (Syagrus romanofskiana) is a showy tree that can grow in a container, at least for a while. Although not native to North America, the queen palm grows in southern Florida, southern Texas and the southern coastal areas of California. The queen palm loves full sun and grows rapidly. Start a young queen palm in a container and eventually transplant it to a sunny spot in your yard. An appropriate-size container is at least twice the width of the tree's root structure.

Queen palms can thrive in containers before moving outside.
  1. Place your palm potting mix into the container, using a mix specifically designed for palms. Fill the pot with soil to a point where if you sat the palm on top of the soil, the top would be a few inches below the edge.

  2. Remove your queen palm for the container it came in and use your hands or a trowel to score the roots. Scoring the roots promotes root growth in the new soil medium. If your queen palm is balled and burlapped, remove the wire cage and burlap from the root structure before you plant.

  3. Place the palm in the container and fill soil in around the sides of the root structure. Use your hand to lightly tamp the soil into place. Stop adding soil when you get to the top of the existing root structure.

  4. Apply your compost or pulverized bark mix lightly to the top of the queen palm. Three inches is sufficient coverage.

  5. Water the queen palm. This step, known as watering in, helps settle the soil around the plant.


  • Queen palms grow rapidly and can reach heights of almost 50 feet. Thus, the palm eventually must be removed from the container and either replanted in a larger container or planted in your yard.

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