How to Take Blue Ink Stains Out of Dress Shirts

Blue ink stains on shirts can occur when you place an ink pen in your shirt pocket and the ink leaks. Opened ballpoint pens can also leave ink stains on dress shirts. However it got there, ink is not among the easiest stains to remove from fabric because of the dye in the ink. If the ink is permanent, the stain may not come out of the shirt. Here are a few techniques you can try to remove blue ink from shirts.

Remove blue ink stains from shirts with dry-cleaning solvent.
  1. Blot any wet blue ink stains with a white paper towel or clean rag. Take care not to spread the stain.

  2. Lay the shirt onto a white rag with the ink stain touching the rag. Apply dry-cleaning solvent to a clean cloth and dab at the underside of the shirt stain. The solvent helps the ink stain transfer to the rag. As the stain transfers to the rag, position a clean area of the rag under the stain. Make sure to tuck the ink that transferred onto the rag where it cannot stain the shirt again. Keep working the stain with the dry-cleaning solvent until the ink no longer transfers to the rag.

  3. Fill a sink basin with water. Add an all-fabric bleach according to the directions on the container. Place the shirt into the bleach water and leave for 20 minutes.

  4. Place the shirt into the washer and launder with regular detergent and hot water or as hot as the care label allows.

  5. Inspect the shirt before placing it into the dryer. If the ink spot remains, repeat the bleaching procedure and launder again.

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