How to Install Hand Water Pumps

Getting water out of a well is easy if you have electricity and a working pump. In situations where supplying electricity to a pump is difficult or impossible, the old-fashioned hand pump is a practical, reliable way of lifting water out of your well. Hand pumps are still available from several manufacturers. Both deep and shallow-well models can be purchased and installed for everyday or emergency use.

A hand pump can be used to draw water when electricity is unavailable.
  1. Thread the pipe flange onto the wellhead and tighten with a pipe wrench. The flange will act as a mounting base for the pump.

  2. Wrap two layers of plumber's tape around the threads on one end of the first section of your drop pipe. Thread the foot valve onto the end of the pipe. Place one pipe wrench on the top of the foot valve and one pipe wrench on the end of the pipe above the threads to tighten.

  3. Insert the drop pipe into the well. Lower the pipe until the end is 1 foot above the wellhead.

  4. Wrap two layers of plumber's tape around the threaded end of the pipe and screw on a coupler.

  5. Wrap two layers of plumber's tape around the threaded end of the next section of drop pipe. Insert the taped end of the pipe into the coupler. Tighten by placing one pipe wrench on each section of pipe. Twist the lower pipe counterclockwise and the upper pipe clockwise until they are secure. Continue adding sections of drop pipe in this fashion until the foot valve is 3 feet below the waterline.

  6. Lift the drop pipe out of the well slowly until you have exposed a length of pipe that is equal to 1 foot below your frost line. Drill a 1/8-inch hole in the drop pipe. This hole prevents damage during freezing weather by allowing water to drain out of the pump head.

  7. Insert the pump rod into the drop pipe and attach it to the pump according to the manufacturer's instructions. Exact methods of attachment will vary depending on your pump's make and model.

  8. Wrap two layers of plumber's tape around the threaded end of the drop pipe. Thread the top of the drop pipe into the base of the hand pump and tighten.

  9. Line up the mounting holes on the pump base with the corresponding holes in the flange on the wellhead. Insert the mounting bolts and tighten securely with a wrench.