How to Seal Bathroom Floors

The bathroom is a challenging room, in some respects, thanks to the presence of water. Not only does humidity increase when you take a shower or a bath, it's also likely that water will get on the floor. Sealing the the bathroom floor is a necessity to make sure no water gets beneath the tile and penetrates into the wood beneath. Knowing how to seal the floor will help your bathroom floor last for many years.

Seal a bathroom floor to help it last for many years.
  1. Clean the floor thoroughly with soap and water and let dry. By cleaning the grout, you ensure that the sealant will adhere efficiently and completely to the floor.

  2. Wet a sponge and apply the sealer to the sponge. Rub the sealer onto the bathroom floor. Make sure you cover the bathroom floor as completely as possible. Let it dry for an hour.

  3. Apply a second coat of sealer to the floor.

  4. Wipe any excess sealer from the bathroom floor with a rag. Let the floor dry for at least eight hours before stepping on it.

  5. Seal around the base of the walls as well as the shower and tub with caulk.

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