How to Shorten Woven Blinds

Woven blinds add a homey look to your space and are available in varying shades of wood tones, which makes it easy to coordinate with many types of decor.

You can shorten woven blinds yourself.You can shorten woven blinds yourself.
Whether you ordered the wrong size or would like to move the woven blinds to another window, you may want to shorten them to fit the space. It's possible to shorten the length of woven blinds yourself with a few basic materials.

Remove the blinds from the window by lifting them out of the brackets, then laying them on a flat surface. Using a straight edge, place a line across the width of the blinds at the desired length.

Pull out the staples that secure the wooden dowel to the bottom of the blinds, using a staple remover. Slide out the wooden dowel.

Apply a thin line of clear super glue at the cut mark, and 1/4 inch above, to prevent the fabric from unraveling. Wait 15 minutes for the glue to dry before continuing.

With a fine-toothed hacksaw, cut slowly along the line you drew. Touch up any loose fabric strands with the glue.

Wrap the bottom of the woven blinds around the wooden dowel and secure the back of the blinds to the dowel with staples. Space the staples evenly to ensure the fabric adheres correctly.

Hang the blinds back on the wall by lowering them into the brackets. Test the blinds to make sure they operate properly.

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen
  • Staple remover
  • Staples
  • Fine-toothed hacksaw
  • Clear super glue


  • Woven blinds with liners and edge binding are more difficult to shorten than standard woven blinds because the material is harder to cut through. You may need to use a conventional hacksaw to complete the job.