How to Install an Aluminum Fascia

Aluminum fascia covers the rafters' end board that runs around the perimeter of the roof. The fascia is cut to cover the front of the end board, from top to bottom. The bottom edge of the aluminum fascia wraps under the end board and up to the bottom of the soffit. Aluminum fascia comes precolored from the factory and does not require regular painting to maintain its appearance, thus allowing it to provide years of low-maintenance service.

Step 1

Lay out the aluminum fascia, starting at one corner of the rafters' end board. Go clockwise or counterclockwise until you get back to your starting point. Allow a 1-inch overlap where pieces meet.

Step 2

Lay the first piece of fascia in place on the end board. Attach it to the end board by hammering in aluminum or stainless-steel nails. Space the nails 24 to 36 inches apart.

Step 3

Lay the next piece of fascia in place, overlapping the first piece by 1 inch. Nail the fascia into place as before. Continue laying and nailing fascia pieces in the same way, until you get to a corner.

Step 4

Hold the fascia in place at the corner. Scribe the location of the corner onto the aluminum with the point of a nail. Cut a dart -- an inverted "V" -- in the bottom flange of the fascia with a pair of tin snips.

Step 5

Scribe a line vertically from the top of the dart to the top of the fascia on the back side to form a crease. Fold the fascia until the desired angle to go around the corner is achieved.

Step 6

Lay the fascia section in position over the corner. Nail it in place. Continue installing fascia pieces around the house until the entire end board is covered.


  • Use caution when cutting and handling the fascia. The cut edge may be very sharp and has the potential to cause serious injury.
  • Take your time and be careful when nailing up the pieces. The aluminum is rather soft and hammer marks remain visible if you miss the nail and hit the fascia.