The Best Way to Insulate Old Flooring With Crawl Space

Insulating a crawl space under old flooring prevents drafts through the floor, thereby lowering home heating and cooling costs.
Uninsulated crawl spaces trap hot or cool air, causing the flooring in rooms above the crawl space to feel cold in winter and hot in summer. Use insulation as the first line of defense against drafts, making a home more comfortable in direct correlation to the season. Think of insulation as a barricade or block in opposition to the weather.

Step 1

Access the crawl space under the floor and clean out debris and old insulation.

Step 2

Measure the crawl space to determine the amount of insulation required. Measure from end to end and side to side, and note the measurements.

Step 3

Buy insulation blankets or batts at a local retail establishment or online. Blankets or batts is the insulation industry term for long and wide strips of rolled insulation. The insulation "R" value determines the level of protection from hot or cold required in a specific geographical location. Ask the insulation dealer to look up the correct "R" value for your area.

Step 4

Repair water and moisture problems in the crawl space such as leaking pipes, wall cracks or water seepage. Moisture problems lead to mold or mildew growth and wood rot which threatens the structural integrity of a home.

Step 5

Place the insulation blanket between the floor joists, commonly referred to as beams. following the lines of the joists.

Step 6

Cut the insulation with a utility knife to fit the area lengthwise.

Step 7

Hold the insulation in place, pressing it firmly to the crawl space ceiling. Use a piece of wood as wedge to keep the insulation from falling down.

Step 8

Measure and cut wire mesh to fit the length and width of the floor joists.

Step 9

Place the wire mesh over the insulation, extending it to the middle of the floor joists.

Step 10

Staple the wire mesh to the floor joists with a commercial grade stapler.

Step 11

Repeat this process throughout the crawl space covering all exposed ceiling areas.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Wire mesh
  • Commercial grade stapler
  • Utility knife
  • Protective eye wear
  • Dust mask
  • Gloves

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