How to Replace Septic Tank Baffles

If you don’t have a municipal waste system, you'll have a septic tank on your property that handles waste disposal from your home. If your septic tank baffles fail and cause a backup, you'll have to replace them. Often times the baffles have deteriorated and disappeared into the waters of the septic tank, but you can install a simple piece of pipe to perform the same function.

Step 1

Search for the area where the baffles have been lost. They are connected to the septic tank at an inlet and outlet pipe on either side of the tank.

Step 2

Dig the earth or concrete away with a shovel from the pipes to expose them or open the septic tank if that is how your tank is constructed.

Step 3

Clean away any debris left behind from the corroded baffles. Use a stiff brush to get them clear.

Step 4

Fit new PVC pipe tees on both the inlet and outlet pipes of the tank. The long end of the tee should be inserted into the pipe, with the horizontal arm near the top of the pipe.


  • The pipe tees must clear the tank's water level to prevent backing up the system.

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