How to Get Rid of the Sulfur Smell in a Well

Sulfur smell is an odor that resembles rotten eggs. If the odor is coming from both of the hot and cold water taps, then there is probably bacteria in the well. Well disinfection may reduce or eliminate viruses and bacteria, which could eliminate the sulfur odor. If a well has been flooded or if the odor or taste of the water changes, a disinfection is recommended. It is important to test the well water for the presence of Coliform bacteria. When sulfur smell is present, it can be removed by the continuous chlorination method to disinfect the water supply.

Step 1

Test the well water. Before treating or consuming the water, it must be officially tested if you smell an odor, to determine if the water is contaminated. Testing will inform you if anything further is going on with the water besides the sulfur.

Step 2

Test the chlorine in the well water. Use a kit that tests for free chlorine, not total chlorine.

Step 3

Install the Chlorine injection system. The company from which you purchased the system will install this for you. With each type of chlorinator, the chlorine should be introduced into the water as close to the source as possible. This allows the clorine to have a longer water contact time. The continuous chlorination oxidizes manganese and iron so they can be filtered out and oxidizes hydrogen sulfide to reduce negative odors.

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